Mirza Ahmad Ispahani

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Mirza Ahmad Ispahani
Born 1898
Rangoon, Burma
Died 1986 (aged 87–88)
Known for Owner of Ispahani family
Children Mirza Mehdy Ispahani

Mirza Ahmad Ispahani (1898–1986) was a Perso-Bengali businessman and the patriarch of the Ispahani family based in Chittagong. He was the founder of Orient Airways and the first chairman of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Early life[edit]

Ispahani, eldest son of Mirza Mohammed Ispahani, was born in Rangoon, Burma in 1898. He went to school in Madras, India and after matriculation at age 20 he joined his father's business in Calcutta, India.[1]


A short time after joining the business, Ispahani was made a junior partner. When his father died in May 1925, he became the senior partner of the firm along with two other partners, his brothers, Mirza Abul Hassan and Mirza Mahmood Ispahani. In 1935, M. M. Ispahani and partnership was converted to a limited liability company. The company expanded into multi-dimensional business activities including jute, tea, textiles, engineering, shipping, matches and plywood. The business covered a wide geographical spectrum.

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