Mirza Gul Muhammad

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Mirza Faiz Muhammad
Qazi of Islamic State of Qadian
Predecessor Mirza Faiz Muhammad
Successor Mirza Ata Muhammad
Born Qadian, India
Died Qadian, India
House Timurid
Religion Islam
Mirza Gul Muhammad
Born Qadian, India
Died 1800
Qadian, India
Buried at Qadian, India
Allegiance Mughal Empire
Service/branch Mughal Army
Rank General

Mirza Gul Muhammad (died. 1800) was an Indian general, jurist and noble. He was the grandfather of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza who was the father of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Life and Reign[edit]

He succeeded as Qazi of Islamic State of Qadian upon the death of his father Faiz. During his reign, Mughal Empire had declined in Punjab. Giyas-ul-Daula, who was a minister of Mughal Empire had come to Qadian and praised the state was according to Islam.

Military career[edit]

Throughout his life, he fought against Sikhs and requested the help from four notable Mughal Emperors. They praised him but did not take the situation seriously who resulted in formation of Sikh Empire who ended the Mughal Empire in Punjab.[1][page needed]


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