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For the word, see Wikt:miscreant.
Skinless Miscreant.jpg
EP by Skinless
Released 2002
Genre Death metal
Label Step Up
Skinless chronology
Foreshadowing Our Demise Miscreant EP From Sacrifice to Survival

Miscreant is the first EP album from death metal band Skinless.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro"  
2. "Miscreant"  
3. "Deathwork"  
4. "Condensing"  
5. "Threat Level High"  
6. "Outro"  

Line up[edit]

  • Sherwood Webber – Vocals
  • Noah Carpenter – Guitar
  • Joe Keyser – Bass
  • Bob Beaulac – Drums
  • George Torres – Additional Drums