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Mishar Yurt (Tatar: Cyrillic Мишәр йорты, Latin Mişär yortı, Arabic مىشەر يۇرتئ; in Russian chronicles – Мещерский юрт\Meshcherskiy yurt; literally The home of Mişärs) was a semi-autonomous principality of the Golden Horde at the border of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan duchies. At the epoch of Volga Bulgaria those land, originally settled by Mordvins, was settled by Turkic peoples, tended to be Muslims. In 1298 Hosayen ughli Mohammad from family of Shirin founded a principality that united local Turkic and Mordvin peoples. The capital of Mishar Yurt was Mişär (in Russian chronicles Городок-Мещёрский/Gorodok-Meşçórski). In 1393 Tokhtamysh gave Mishar Yurt to Muscovy. After the victory in the Battle of Suzdal in 1445 Vasili II of Russia was forced to present this land to Qasim Khan. Another version is that Qasim Khanate, appeared there was created as a buffer state between Kazan and Moscow.

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