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Misikhu is a rural town on the southern slopes of Mt Elgon, in Bungoma County, Kenya. Located ten kilometres north of Webuye towards Kitale, Misikhu is both an administrative and commercial town.


Misikhu is populated by the Tachoni and Bukusu tribes although there are a number of other smaller Luhya clans bordering Misikhu. The widely used dialects are Olutachoni, Lubukusu and Swahili. Other immigrant communities such as Kikuyu, Luo, Kisii and Kambas are present but in small numbers.


The area is locally known for its schools, which include St. Cecilia Misikhu Girls School, Misikhu R.C Boys, Friends School Magemo and St Francis Secondary School, Makemo.

Health care is provided by various clinics, e.g. the Emmanuel Clinic which also offers Laboratory services.

There is a weekly open market each Sunday which brings traders from as far off as Eldoret and Kitale. Usually on offer are second-hand clothes and garments, household goods and farm produce. Misikhu also hosts a weekly domestic animals' market every Sunday.

A few local bars (namely Elgon Villa Resort, Livonda, Pewama, Simbi, U-Relax) offer more than drinks - it is possible to hear music from a local group of visually impaired musicians.

Major churches are available at the market including Kenya Assemblies of God (K.A.G) located near Kimilili junction, SDA, Salvation Army, Catholic and Deliverance church.


Some of the leaders in Misikhu are Eng Alfred Wekesa Sambu (MP Webuye East), Sikura Walubengo, John Musakali (Chap Chap), Alfred Mukhanya, Kizito Temba , Wepundi Stan (Khatuyu Khatiti)and Stephen Lyomu.

Misikhu lies in both Webuye East and West Constituencies.

Coordinates: 0°43′08″N 34°45′18″E / 0.71889°N 34.75500°E / 0.71889; 34.75500