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Miss Indian America was a pageant from 1953 to 1984 that was part annual All-American Indian Days festival in Sheridan, Wyoming.[1] Each contestant was assessed on the basis of her appearance, communication skills, knowledge and practice of her culture, knowledge of tribal, federal and state governments and talent in traditional and contemporary tribal skills.

The reigning Miss Indian American was considered to be a cultural ambassador between Native Americans and non-Native Americans through speaking engagements, public appearances, participation in conferences of federal, state, local and tribal governments.


Year Miss America Nation
1989 Wanda Johnson Navajo
1988 Bobette Kay Wildcat Shoshone
1987 Linda Kay Lupe White Mountain Apache
1986 Audra Arviso Navajo
1985 Jorja Frances Oberly Osage-Commanche-Nez Perce
1984 Anne-Louise Willie White Mountain Apache & Paiute
1983 Debbie Secakuku Hopi
1982 Vivian Juan, Papago
1981 Jerilyn Lebeau Cheyenne River Sioux
1980 Melanie Tallmadge Winnebago-Minnesota Sioux
1978-9 Susan Arkeketa Otoe-Missouria and Creek
1977 Gracie Welch Mohave-Chemehuevi-Yavapai
1976 Kristine Rayola Harvey White Mountain Apache
1975 Deana Jo Harragarra Otoe-Kiowa
1974 Claire Manning Shoshone-Paiute
1973 Maxine Norris Papago
1972 Louise Edmo, Shoshone-Bannock
1971 Nora Begay Navajo
1970 Virginia Stroud Cherokee
1969 Margery Haury Cheyenne-Arapahoe-Navajo-Sioux
1968 Thomasine Hill Crow-Pawnee
1967 Sarah Johnson Navajo
1966 Wahleah Lujan TaosPueblo
1965 Marcelle Ahtone Kiowa
1964 Michele Portwood Arapahoe
1963 Williamette Youpee Sisseton-YanktonSioux
1962 Ramona Soto Klamath
1961 Brenda Bearchum Northern Cheyenne
1960 Vivian Arviso Navajo
1959 Delores Racine Blackfeet
1959 Not held  
1957 Ruth Larson, Gros Ventre
1956 Sandra Gover Skidi-Pawnee
1955 Rita Mclaughlin Hunkpapa-Sioux
1954 Mary Louise Defender Yanktanais-Sioux
1953 ArleneWesley Yakama Nation