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Alicia J. Rose is a Photographer/Director/Producer based in Portland, OR. Her work plays on a rich palette, a keen eye for composition and a natural proclivity for both capturing and creating compelling images and scenes. Her photography has been featured in Playboy, Rolling Stone, XLR8R, V, Elle, Spin, Sunset, Filter, Fader, Portland Monthly, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Sunset and many others. Her controversial "Beast" photo of chef Naomi Pomeroy and deceased pig was honored with a 2008 PDN Photo Annual Award and a multiple page spread in Elle Magazine. A concept through execution director/writer - Rose has created clever and visually arresting music videos for Cake, Corin Tucker, Bob Mould, Menomena, AgesandAges and others. She completed her narrative short film debut The Gift of Gravity in 2014, and is currently in production of her new comedic web series "The Benefits of Gusbandry." Rose is also a noted musician, known in her recording career as Miss Murgatroid, an accordionist, singer and drummer She has released five full-length albums, three credited solely to Miss Murgatroid and two collaborations with vocalist and violinist Petra Haden entitled Bella Neurox and Hearts & Daggers. She has formed a new band in Portland, OR called Moon Tiger.



  • "The Benefits of Gusbandry" (2015) Web Series
  • "The Gift of Gravity" (2014) Short Film

Music Videos[edit]

  • "Blue Lead Fences" Loch Lomond (2008)
  • "The Sound" Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2009)
  • "Golden And Green" The Builders & The Butchers (2009)
  • "Octavio" Viva Voce (2009)
  • "Bed-In Sessions" (multiple artists/Live videos) (2011)
  • "TAOS" Menomena (2011)
  • "Black Tongue" Mastodon (2011)
  • "Bored Of Memory" Holcombe Waller (2011)
  • "City Sleep" Talkdemonic (2011)
  • "Hey Hey Hey" Jack’s Mannequin (2011)
  • "Navy Parade" AgesandAges (2011)
  • "Rhyme The Reason" Golden Bloom (2011)
  • "La Grande" Laura Gibson (2012)
  • "Mustache Man" CAKE (2012)
  • "Street Parade" Theresa Andersson (2012)
  • "The Descent" Bob Mould (2013)
  • "There’s Only Love" Ewert & The Two Dragons (2013)
  • "An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer" (2013)
  • "Neskowin" Corin Tucker Band (2013)
  • "I Don't Know You Anymore" Bob Mould (2014)
  • "Do The Right Thing" AgesandAges (2014)
  • "Walk Unafraid" from the movie Wild by First Aid Kit (2014)
  • "Start Over" MC Frontalot (2015)
  • "Dani" Briana Marela (2015)
  • ""All Across This Land" Blitzen Trapper (2015)

Commercial Video[edit]

  • "Travel Connectivity" AT&T (2012)
  • "Game Connectivity" AT&T (2012)
  • "It Feels Like Home" Knowledge Universe (2013)
  • "The Power of 3 in 1" Knowledge Universe (2013)
  • "Sponsored Data" AT&T (2013)
  • "Aviation Gin Cocktail" House Spirits (2013)
  • "Flair Bartending" House Spirits (2013)
  • "Making Westward Whiskey" House Spirits Distillery (2013)
  • "P:ear Blossoms Fundraiser" (2014)
  • "Crowdfunding Medical Research" Consano (2014)
  • "Open Primaries" 30/15 Second Broadcast Spots for Ballot Measure 90



  • Methyl Ethyl Key Tones (1993)
  • Myoclyonic Melodies (1996)
  • Through Alien Empires (1997)
  • Bella Neurox (credited as Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden) (1999)
  • Hearts & Daggers (credited as Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden) (2008)

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