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Mpact Girls Clubs, formerly known as Missionettes Girls Clubs, are part of a worldwide program directed by National Girls Ministries within the Assemblies of God. The program is the counterpart ministry to Royal Rangers but was started earlier in 1955. The Clubs were created to allow girls an opportunity to discuss issues that matter to them and learn how to live according to Biblical principles given by Jesus.

The name was changed from Missionettes to Mpact Girls Clubs in March 2007 as part of a strategic plan to reach girls in a more holistic manner. The Clubs were subsequently divided into three categories to accommodate the boys in the two early clubs, Sunlight Kids and Rainbows.


Girls Ministries Clubs are driven by a 5-fold Purpose.

  • To win girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance.
  • To teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded us—developing girls spiritually and mentally.
  • To provide encouragement, support and accountability through lasting Christian relationships.
  • To provide an environment for girls to develop their gifts and abilities.
  • To acquaint them with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Girls Clubs Code[edit]

One of the distinctives that sets these clubs apart from other clubs is that there is a code which is the mind-set of all leaders and girls. The Code is Philippians 4:8 — "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." (NIV)

Club Levels[edit]

Girls Ministries clubs are organized into three categories of clubs. The leaders of each club are called "Sponsors".

Mpact Kids Clubs (Co-ed)

  • Sunlight Kids is the club for nursery-age children up to 36 months. Boys and Girls may be part of the Sunlight Kids club.
  • Rainbows is the club for 3 and 4 year olds. Boys and Girls may be part of the Rainbows club. When a boy starts Kindergarten he will move into the Royal Rangers program. The Rainbow colors are Green and White. The club motto is "Rainbows are helpers."

Mpact Girls Clubs

  • Daisies is the club for Kindergarten girls. It is a one-year program. The Daisies colors are Yellow and White. The club motto is "Daisies tell about Jesus."
  • Prims is the club for 1st and 2nd grade girls. The club colors are Pink and White. The Prims motto is "I will be kind and thoughtful."
  • Stars is the club for 3rd through 5th grade girls. The club colors are Blue and White. The Stars motto is "I will follow Jesus."

Teen Girl Ministries (TGM)

  • Friends is the club for 6th through 8th grade girls. The club colors are Purple and White. The Friends motto is "We are committed to God."
  • Girls Only is the club for 9th through 12th grade girls. The club colors are Red and White. The Girls Only motto is "Every day in every way I will boldly live for God."

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