Mistborn: The Hero of Ages

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Mistborn: The Hero of Ages
The Hero of Ages - Book Three of Mistborn.png
First edition cover
Author Brandon Sanderson
Illustrator Isaac Stewart
Cover artist Jon Foster
Country United States
Language English
Series Mistborn
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Tor Books, Macmillan Audio
Publication date
October 14, 2008
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback), audiobook, e-book
Pages 572 pp (first edition, hardback), 25.5 hours
ISBN 978-0-7653-5614-7 (first edition, hardback)
OCLC 691717141
LC Class PS3619.A533 H47 2008
Preceded by Mistborn: The Well of Ascension
Followed by Mistborn: The Alloy of Law

Mistborn: The Hero of Ages is a fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on October 14, 2008 by Tor Books and is the third novel in the Mistborn trilogy.[1] It is preceded by The Well of Ascension in 2007 and followed by The Alloy of Law in the Mistborn: Era 2 series, Wax and Wayne in 2011.

Plot summary[edit]

The Hero of Ages is the prophesied savior of the Terris people, foretold to find and give up the power at the Well of Ascension, in a selfless act to save the world from the Deepness. However, the Terris prophecies proved to be altered, in a ruse intended to allow escape from imprisonment by a force named Ruin that wants the complete destruction of the world.

A mist spirit trying to help Vin and Sazed find the truth of the twisted prophecy, attempts to make Vin keep the power from the Well by deliberately wounding Elend, but believing in the prophecy, she releases it instead of saving Elend. In the Chamber of Ascension were once nuggets of pure Allomancy, the power of Preservation itself, fractions of the power in the Well, which changes those who ingest them into Mistborn. With no power to save the dying Elend, Vin is convinced by the mist spirit to give a remaining bead of Preservation to Elend.

Ruin wanted the world to be destroyed in the blink of an eye but his power was too weakened by his body having been taken and hidden by Preservation. Ruin became obsessed with finding his hidden body. Freedom from the Well of Ascension enabled Ruin to directly affect the world more, with the most destructive results in the increased ashfall from the ashmounts and growing earthquakes breaking the world apart; Ruin focused most of his energy in the last days to geological decay, while also influencing more people and controlling entire koloss armies. He used his thousand years of imprisonment to strategize the timing of the Lord Ruler's downfall to occur when Preservation's power returned to the Well of Ascension, followed with his being freed a few years later.

The Lord Ruler, in preparation of such an event, created storage caches containing valuables such as food and water in cave complexes beneath certain cities, each one providing directions to the next. As Vin and Elend struggle to consolidate the remaining outposts of humanity, they search in the storage caches for hints left by the Lord Ruler and the atium stash. Journeying from cache to cache, the world itself begins to crumble, ash spewing forth in greater quantities and the mists claiming more and more people. The last two unconquered cities are Fadrex City, which has reverted to the Lord Ruler's old structure of mass oppression, and Urteau, the rebel city where the Skaa are free, the nobility overpowered, and a former commoner titled the Citizen rules with increasing violence.

Sazed tries to establish diplomatic relations with the people of Urteau, while continuing to struggle with the death of his love, the Terriswoman Keeper Tindwyl. He studies religions but has no faith and yearns to find a religion that makes sense to him. He and Breeze try to help Elend secretly take over Urteau, where Spook has developed strange abilities and started a new revolution. TenSoon is imprisoned and sentenced to death by the kandra elders, while still trying to convince them that the kandra prophecies of the world ending are now happening, and that they must work together with the humans to save the world.

Vin and Elend try to conquer the city of Fadrex City and discover more about how their world works. They discover patterns in the numbers of people dying after being exposed to the mists, as well as secrets regarding the koloss, kandra, and Inquisitors, but fearing that Ruin will discover their plans, are unable to discuss their plans with each other. As the days grow hotter and the mists stronger, Vin and Elend encounter more and more dangers. Yomen, the King of Fadrex City, captures Vin. Elend, left without any choice, takes another koloss army under his control, but the last remnants of Preservation appear to him, warning him to not attack the city, using mime. On the verge of the attack, Vin escapes, as Ruin reveals his ultimate control over the koloss. They attack Elend and Yomen's human armies, but before he can destroy them, Vin leads Ruin away to Luthadel. There, Marsh and the final Inquisitors battle Vin, and on the verge of her death, she ascends to become Preservation, trapped with Ruin to watch the world.

The kandra finally accept their doom, and Sazed finds his faith in the Hero of the Ages. Elend leads the last of humanity to the Kandra homeland, the Pits of Hathsin, where Ruin's body is stored. Ruin has been fooling them into leading him to his body, which turns out to be the atium stash, hidden in the Kandra homeland all along. Surrounded, and outnumbered, Elend, having worked this out, and Preservation's plan to give him an army of Atium Mistings by using the mists to snap them, prepares to fight. He leads a desperate battle against the koloss, in vain. Marsh appears again, and is directly controlled by Ruin, his powers immense. Elend faces him nonetheless, and Vin aids him, giving him unlimited metals and another power to match Marsh, all that she can break through Ruin's control to pass on. Elend battles Marsh in a fierce duel, ending when he realizes he can't win, and burns atium with duralumin, dealing Marsh a fatal blow, but taking his axe to the chest. Defeated, he reveals that his soldiers burnt all of Ruin's body, the Atium, in the battle, so now, he can never win. Vin realizes that Preservation gave of himself to create mankind so that mankind would be able to manifest both Preservation's and Ruin's ability to create and destroy. Having both abilities within her, Vin attacks Ruin directly, killing herself/Preservation. But in the eternal balance that is Preservation and Ruin, Vin's/Preservation's death destroys Ruin.

Vin and many others initially thought she was the Hero of Ages, but it is revealed to be the Terris Keeper Sazed. This revelation and the ambiguous prophesied descriptions eventually showed differences not matching Vin's character. One major prophecy of, "The Hero will bear the future of the world on his arms", referred to Sazed's pre-Ascension Terris Keeper knowledge through his Feruchemical copperminds on his arms. He uses this knowledge, along with the combined power of Preservation and Ruin, to help reshape the world as a god, re-aligning the sun and planets to stabilize the world, changing the red volcanic ashfall ecology into a new paradise of blue skies, green foliage, gentle warming sun and rainbows of flowers.


  • Vin Venture: A Mistborn believed to be the Hero of Ages. She is Elend's wife and empress of the New Empire.
  • Elend Venture: A Mistborn of extraordinary power who gained his powers through a bead of metal found in the Well of Ascension. He is Vin's husband and emperor of New Empire.
  • Sazed: A Terrisman from the Northern Dominance of Terris. He is a Keeper, and specializes in religion. He is severely depressed by Tindwyl's death in the Battle of Luthadel. He no longer wears his metalminds and is trying to find the true religion that can answer Tindwyl's fate after death.
  • TenSoon: A Kandra friend of Vin. He is facing punishment in the Kandra Homeland for telling Kandra secrets, and for killing another Kandra, OreSeur.
  • Hammond or Ham: Originally a member of Kelsier's crew and a Pewterarm. Ham enjoys philosophical bouts, especially when the receiver of his wisdom is Breeze.
  • Ladrian or Breeze: Originally a member of Kelsier's crew and a Soother.
  • Spook: Originally a member of Kelsier's crew and a Tineye. He has become a tin savant, and now is nearly dependent on his perpetual flaring. However he can now clearly hear things far away, but is stunned at loud noises. He can see perfectly at night and through some cloth, but is nearly blinded by daylight. These senses make him an adept fighter; in one instance he listens to the heartbeat of an attacking guard, and the swish of his sword through the air behind him, and is able to dodge. He is the crew's spy in the rebel city of Urteau in the Northern Dominance.
  • Marsh: A Steel Inquisitor who is the brother of Kelsier. Like all Inquisitors, he is controlled by the force known as Ruin.
  • Ashweather Cett: One of Emperor Elend Venture's advisors and former king of Fadrex City.
  • Lord Aradan Yomen: The new king of Fadrex City and the surrounding area in the Western Dominance. He is an Obligator devout to the Lord Ruler; believing him to still be alive.
  • The Citizen or Quellion: The skaa leader of the rebel city Urteau.


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