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Mitch Cope, Fine Artist and Curator based in Detroit.

Born Detroit, Michigan, 1973, Mitch Cope works as an artist and independent curator out of Detroit. In 2001 he co-founded the Tangent Gallery where he was also the director. The Tangent Gallery began a curatorial career which led to projects such as the Shrinking Cities Project out of Berlin, the "Power From Nature" project with artist Marjetica Potrc the Susanne Hilberry Gallery and the recent highly acclaimed art marketing experiment M.O.R.E. at the Detroit Artists Market.

He has shown his art throughout Detroit, most notably at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery, and internationally at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Subspace Gallery in Berlin, Germany, the Kunsthaus Dresden and his collaborative art project “Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop” can be seen in a permanent installation at the World Workers Museum in Steyr, Austria. In 2005, Mitch became the first American artist to officially travel on a U.S. Embassy Cultural Envoy to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, where he traveled throughout the country lecturing about his work, and visiting and working with Turkmen artists on a joint American-Turkmen exhibition.

Most recently, Mitch was involved in the foundation and planning of the new Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) where he also filled the role of Assistant Curator until March 2007. Currently, Mitch is deep in the production of new modes for experimentation and development with the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop, founded 2005 with artists Ingo Vetter and Annette Weisser, with commissions from the Noguchi Museum, Shrinking Cities Project, and the Van Abbemuseum. He is also the co-owner of Design 99, a retail space for design, art & architecture in Hamtramck.


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