Mitieli Bulanauca

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Mitieli Bulanauca is a Fijian former politician and Cabinet Minister.

He was educated at Lelean Memorial School in Nausori, Fiji. He graduated from the University of New England, Australia (UNE) in 1996. Before joining politics, Bulanauca worked for the Native Lands Trust Board as a senior lands manager.

He won the Bua Fijian Communal Constituency for the Christian Democratic Alliance (VLV) in the parliamentary election of 1999. In the political upheaval that followed the Fiji coup of 2000, Bulanauca was appointed to the interim Cabinet formed by Laisenia Qarase as Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources.

In the major political realignment that followed the 2000 coup, the VLV disintegrated. Bulanauca joined the newly formed Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party (SDL), but lost his seat to the Conservative Alliance candidate, Josateki Vula. He was subsequently appointed to the Senate, however, as one of 9 nominees of the Prime Minister. He retired from the Senate in 2006 but at the general election held on 6–13 May that year, he was elected to represent his old constituency in the House of Representatives as the candidate of the SDL.

Bulanauca's political career came to an end with the military coup of 2006.