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Mitja Brodar (1921 – 16 February 2012) was a Slovenian archaeologist. He was a son of Srečko Brodar, a pioneer of the study of the Paleolithic period in Slovenia.


He was born in 1921 in Celje where his father was at the time teaching science at the Grammar school in Celje.

During Italian occupation of Ljubljana in WW2 he was sent to the Italian concentration camp Rab.[1]


Brodar studied at the University of Ljubljana civil engineering, geology, and paleontology. Between 1954 and 1956 and in 1960 he was excavating Mokrica Cave (Slovene: Mokriška jama). He received PhD in 1959 with a thesis on those excavations. Betal Rock Shelter (Betalov spodmol) is another site he was excavating.

He helped establish and was during the 1970s president of the Slovene archaeological association. Together with his father he wrote a book on Potok Cave (Slovene: Potočka zijalka) excavations.

Divje Babe flute

According to him, the Divje Babe flute is a product of Cro-Magnon, modern human, and not Neanderthal.[2]


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