Mitzpe Yair

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Mitzpe Yair
Mitzpe Yair is located in the West Bank
Mitzpe Yair
Mitzpe Yair
Coordinates: 31°23′04″N 35°08′04″E / 31.38444°N 35.13444°E / 31.38444; 35.13444Coordinates: 31°23′04″N 35°08′04″E / 31.38444°N 35.13444°E / 31.38444; 35.13444
Council Har Hebron
Region Hebron mountains
Founded October 1998
Founded by Meir Am-Shalem

Mitzpe Yair (Hebrew: מצפה יאיר‎‎, lit. Yair Lookout) is an unauthorized Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Located two kilometres south-east of Susia, it falls under the jurisdiction of Har Hebron Regional Council. It was established by Meir Am-Shalem in October 1998, and, according to Gideon Levy, was a price tag operation set up as Magen David Farm in retribution for the murder of a Susya settler, Yair Har-Sinai, after whom it was subsequently renamed.[1] It consists of 15 prefabricated structures, and is home for several families.

A vineyard in a wadi, planted on privately owned Palestinian land, and run by Elad Movshoviz, produces 7,000 bottles per annum. A legal case on the ownership of the area is now pending before the Israeli High Court of Justice.[1]

Mitzpe Yair is an unauthorized settlement that is regarded as illegal by the Israeli regional administration.[2] In 2007 Peace Now revealed that a police superintendent was residing there despite its illegal status. The officer was ordered to evacuate his house by July that year.[3]

The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[4]


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