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Miyagi University
HQ Building of Miyagi University
Motto"Hospitality and Amenity"
Location, ,
38°20′54″N 140°50′22″E / 38.348333°N 140.839556°E / 38.348333; 140.839556
CampusTaiwa, Miyagi
38°20′54″N 140°50′22.4″E / 38.34833°N 140.839556°E / 38.34833; 140.839556Coordinates: 38°20′54″N 140°50′22.4″E / 38.34833°N 140.839556°E / 38.34833; 140.839556
Taihaku-ku, Sendai
38°13′25.3″N 140°48′59.7″E / 38.223694°N 140.816583°E / 38.223694; 140.816583
Miyagi University is located in Miyagi Prefecture
Miyagi University
Japan Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi University (宮城大学, Miyagi Daigaku) is a public university located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Established in 1997, the university has currently two campuses in Miyagi prefecture, after merging with Miyagi Agricultural College in 2005. The university is often called "MYU" or "Miya-Dai" for an abbreviation.


In 1997, Miyagi University was established in the town of Taiwa in Kurokawa District, Miyagi with a School of Nursing and School of Project Design. In 2001, the university established the Graduate School Programs for Nursing and Project Design.

Miyagi University’s policy is “We aim to be a university firmly rooted in the local community, but our doors and networks open to all over the globe”. Miyagi University is also about “Hospitality” and “Amenity”, where hospitality is being able to understand other people on an emotional level and amenity is keeping environments open in terms of a learning and living community.[1]

Miyagi Agricultural College, a junior college located in Taihaku-ku, Sendai, was merged with Miyagi University in 2005, and the School of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences was opened in the same year.[2]



  • School of Nursing
  • School of Project Design
  • School of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Graduate School[edit]

  • Graduate School of Nursing
  • Graduate School of Project Design


  • International Center
  • Regional Liaison Center


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