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Mizo may refer to:

  • Mizo people, an ethnic group native to north-eastern India, western Myanmar (Burma) and eastern Bangladesh
  • Mizo language, a language spoken by the Mizo people
  • Mizoram, a state in Northeast India
  • Lusei people, an ethnic group belonging to the Mizo Tribe
  • Chin peoples, a name given in the old Burmese literature referring to Mizo people
  • Lushai Hills, a mountain range in Mizoram and Tripura, part of a Patkai range

Or, it may refer

  • Mizo Union the first political party in Mizoram, northeast India
  • Mizo National Front (MNF), a regional political party in Mizoram, India
  • Mizo Accord an accord signed between the Mizo National Front and the Government of India on June 30, 1986

Related towns/cities

  • Aizawl, the Capital city of Mizoram
  • Lunglei, popular town in Mizoram
  • Serchhip, a midland town, popular for its anti-British activities


  • Pu Laldenga, political leader and first Chief Minister of Mizoram and leader of the Mizo National Front
  • Lal Thanhawla, political leader of State unit of Indian National Congress and current Chief Minister of Mizoram

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