Mne ne nuzhna informatsiya

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Mne Ne Nuzhna Informatsiya
Remix album by
GenreNew wave, electronic, synthpop
LabelRiTonis (1992)
JAM Group International (2003)
ProducerLeonid Velichkovsky
Technology compilations chronology
Mne Ne Nuzhna Informatsiya
2003 Edition

Mne Ne Nuzhna Informatsiya (Russian: Мне Не Нужна Информация, meaning "I Don't Need The Information") is a 1992 remix album by Technology. It features re-recorded versions of a selection of songs which had originally appeared on the album Vsyo, chto ty khochesh.

Track listing[edit]

Mne Ne Nuzhna Informatsiya[edit]

  1. "Polchasa" (Halt an hour) [New Mix/Gala Mix]
  2. "Informatsiya" (Information) [new track!]
  3. "Shutnik" (Jester) [Mega mix]
  4. "Pesni Ni O Chyom" (Songs about nothing) [House Mix]
  5. "Segodnya Nochyu" (Today at night) [new track!]
  6. "Vsyo, Chto Ty Khochesh" (All that you want) [Beg Mix/Next Mix]
  7. "Kholodny Sled" (Cold trail) [Metal Mix]
  8. "Shutnik" (Jester) [Sympho Mis/House Mix]

Mne Ne Nuzhna Informatsiya(re-release 2003)[edit]

  • 010 254-2 – CD edition
1."Pesni Ni O Chyom (Songs about nothing) [House Mix]"R.Ryabtsev7:28
2."Shutnik (Jester) [Sympho Mis/House Mix]"L.Velichkovsky, R.Ryabtsev6:19
3."Informatsiya (Information) [cover on Nochnoy Prospekt]"I.Sokolovsky4:35
4."Kholodny Sled (Cold trail) [16"Mix]"L.Velichkovsky, R.Ryabtsev4:32
5."Shutnik (Jester) [Mega Mix]"L.Velichkovsky, R.Ryabtsev6:22
6."Polchasa (Halt an hour) [New Mix/Gala Mix]"R.Ryabtsev4:52
7."Vsyo, Chto Ty Khochesh (All that you want) [Beg Mix/Next Mix]"L.Velichkovsky, R.Ryabtsev6:38
8."Discoteki (Discotheque) [bonus track]"I.Sokolovsky3:59
9."Idi So Mnoy (Go with me) [bonus track]"V.Nechitaylo4:02
10."Najmi Na Knopku (Clich on the button) [Show Mix/New Mix]"R.Ryabtsev6:01
11."Kholodny Sled (Cold trail) [Metal Mix]"L.Velichkovsky, R.Ryabtsev4:32


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