Mo' Horizons

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Mo' Horizons
Origin Hannover, Germany
Years active 1999–present [1]
Labels Stereo Deluxe
Agogo Records
Members Ralf Droesemeyer
Mark 'Foh' Wetzler

Mo' Horizons is a duo of DJs from Hannover, Germany.[1] Their music can be described as a mixture of downtempo, acid-jazz, nu jazz, soul, funk, dub, trip hop, big beat, bossa nova, boogaloo and drum'n'bass.[2][3] They first came to prominence on various compilation albums, including the Buddha Bar series. They are known for their extensive use of sampling and modern production techniques in Latin jazz.[4] Also known for recording a Portuguese version of a classic hit Hit The Road Jack.

Their tracks were remixed by many DJs, including Nicola Conte, Swag, Skeewiff, Bobby Hughes, Only Child and DJ Day.[5]

At their beginning, Mo' Horizons have been signed to the 'Stereo Deluxe' label.[6] After releasing their fourth studio album, Mo' Horizons decided to create their own recording studio - Agogo Records. Currently apart from releasing own albums, they are looking for new talents from around the world, to help them with first releases.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Come Touch The Sun (1999)
  • Remember Tomorrow (2001)[7]
  • ...And The New Bohemian Freedom (2003)[7]
  • Sunshine Today (2007)[7]
  • Mo' Horizons and the Banana Soundsystem (2011)


  • Yes Baby Yes (1999)
  • Hit The Road Jack (2000)
  • Ay Y N' Ama (2007)
  • Lovely Day Inside EP (2008)


  • Some More Horizons (2005)[7]
  • Ten Years Of... (2008)[7]

Appearances on compilations[edit]


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