Modern Humorist

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Modern Humorist
Type of site
Humor website
Available in English
Created by John Aboud and Michael Colton
Launched 2000
Current status Defunct (2003)

Modern Humorist was a United States-based humor webzine founded in 2000 by John Aboud and Michael Colton (who later became panelists on VH1's Best Week Ever), and managed by CEO Kate Barker.[1] Its board of directors included feature film producer Frank Marshall and comedian Jon Stewart.[2]

A competitor of The Onion, Modern Humorist stopped publishing new material in 2003. The site's archives remain online and free to the public. It was nominated for a Webby Award in the Humor category in 2001[3] and in 2004,[4] losing to The Onion both times.


Modern Humorist produced three books:

Notable contributors[edit]


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