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The Modern Review December 2005 issue

The Modern Review is a magazine based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada that styles itself a "North American literary journal".

The first issue, 58 pages thick, is dated September 2005. It is published quarterly by the Parsifal Press Literary Arts Association, a nonprofit organization. All printing, binding, and finishing is done in-house with professional machinery.[1]

The magazine describes its philosophy this way:[1] The editorial mission of the Modern Review is to dispute literary borders on an international stage, to educate, and to foster both an appreciation and desire for a higher standard in the written arts. To make no alliances, and cultivate no preference of one class or movement over another, but to act as a point where artistic integrity meets the risk-taking means which will promote its cause with zeal and diligence. The desired end is sustained access to a relevant literature, one that refuses to oppose tradition to innovation, the personal to the objective.

(ISSN 1557-265X)




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