Modern Rome

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Modern Rome
Giovanni Paolo Panini – Modern Rome.jpg
Artist Giovanni Paolo Panini
Year 1757
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 172.1 cm × 233 cm (67 34 in × 91 34 in)
Location Museum of Fine Art, Boston

Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome[1] or simply Modern Rome is a 1757 painting by Italian artist Giovanni Paolo Panini. The original painting shows the arrangement of paintings originally commissioned by Count de Stainville, later the Duke de Choiseul. He was the ambassador to Rome from between 1753 and 1757. The Duke is seated on an armchair, in the painting. Among some of the works depicted in this work are, Michelangelo's Moses, Bernini's statute of Constantine, David, Apollo and Daphne. The fountains Bernini designed are also featured in the painting.[2] The painting is the pendant to Ancient Rome (painting).[3]

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