Modrac Lake

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Modrac Lake

Modrac Lake (Bosnian: Jezero Modrac) is an artificial lake of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the municipality of Lukavac. Modrac Lake, as of this very day, is an attractive location to fishermen. Consisting a lot of species of fish, later in the year of 2005, it became a tourist attraction but initially became a blind spot because of the bad influence from the local government and the garbage that most local citizens were throwing on the read edges, which caused numerous diseases to flow through the lake, causing mostly bacteria to disable the ability for the lake to function properly for the people that turned off the traditional swimming area, and also causing tourists to lose interest.

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Coordinates: 44°29′38″N 18°29′14″E / 44.49389°N 18.48722°E / 44.49389; 18.48722