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Mogens is a Danish masculine given name and may refer to:

  • Mogens Ballin, Danish artist, one of a group of painters who gathered in the Breton village of Pont-Aven
  • Mogens Berg (born 1944), Danish former football player
  • Jens Mogens Boyesen (1920–1996), Norwegian diplomat and politician for the Labour Party
  • Mogens Brandt (1909–1970), Danish film actor
  • Mogens Camre (born 1936), Danish politician and former Member of the European Parliament with the Danish People's Party
  • Mogens Christensen (born 1929), Norwegian luger
  • Mogens Christiansen (born 1972), former Danish cricketer
  • Mogens Ellegaard (1935–1995), of Denmark, regarded as the "father of the classical accordion"
  • Mogens Bay Esbensen (born 1930), Danish born chef and author, introduced Thai cuisine and ingredients to Australia
  • Mogens Fog (1906–1990), Danish physician, politician (Danish Communist Party) and resistance fighter
  • Mogens Frey, retired Danish road bicycle racer
  • Mogens Glistrup (1926–2008), controversial Danish politician, lawyer, tax protestor and member of the Danish parliament
  • Mogens Gøye (1470–1544), wealthy Danish statesman and Steward of the Realm
  • Mogens Guldberg (born 1963), former middle distance runner from Denmark
  • Mogens Haastrup (born 1939), Danish former amateur football (soccer) player
  • Carsten Mogens Hansen (born 1957), Danish Social Democrat politician
  • Mogens Herman Hansen FBA (born 1940), Danish classical philologist and classical demographer
  • Mogens Winkel Holm (1936–1999), Danish composer
  • Mogens Jeppesen (born 1953), former Danish handball player
  • Mogens Jespersen (born 1949), Danish former football (soccer) player
  • Mogens Koch (1898–1993), Danish architect and furniture designer, professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
  • Mogens Krogh (born 1963), Danish retired professional football (soccer) player
  • Mogens Lassen (1901–1987), Modernist Danish architect and designer within the idiom of the International Style
  • Mogens Lüchow (1918–1989), Danish fencer
  • Mogens Lykketoft (born 1946), Danish politician, former government minister and current Speaker of the Folketing
  • Victor Mogens (1886–1964), Norwegian journalist, editor and politician for Fedrelandslaget
  • Mogens Dahl Nielsen (born 1972), former Danish cricketer
  • Mogens Pedersøn (1583–1623), Danish instrumentalist and composer
  • Mogens Rukov, Danish screenwriter
  • Mogens Schou (1918–2005), Danish psychiatrist, groundbreaking researcher into Lithium to treat bipolar illness
  • Mogens Skeel (1651–1694), Danish playwright
  • Mogens Thomassen (1914–1987), Danish field hockey player
  • Mogens Thorsen (1790–1863), Norwegian shipowner
  • Mogens Truelsen (1901–1979), Danish sprinter
  • Mogens Venge (1912–1996), Danish field hockey player
  • Mogens Wieth (1919–1962), Danish film actor
  • Mogens Wöldike (1897–1988), Danish conductor, choirmaster, organist, and scholar

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