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Mogo Wheelchairs is an Australian manufacturer of sporting wheelchairs established by Michael Callahan who competed in wheelchair basketball for Australia at the 1984 Summer Paralympics and 1992 Summer Paralympics.[1][2][3][4]


Callahan wasn't able to find suitable chairs for competitive wheelchair basketball, and started building his own in the early 1980s.[2][4] In 2000 Callahan reported to Sydney Morning Herald that his company was building 600 to 700 chairs a year at around AUD 2000 per chair, and almost all of Australia's wheelchair basketball team was using his chairs.[2]

Mogo pioneered[5][6] the inclusion of a fifth wheel that is now standard in wheelchair basketball.[7][8]


Double amputee, Paralympian and public speaker Matt Glowacki is their advocate in the United States.[9][10][4]

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