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Rock-climbing equipment: Rope and climber's shoes
1990–2005 style official NFL ball
Adidas Telstar-style ball, with the familiar black and white truncated icosahedron pattern.

Sports equipment, called sporting goods where sold, is any object used for sport or exercise. Examples are listed below.

Game equipment[edit]


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The ball is often what a sport requires and revolves around. A sports ball is typically round, but can also be in the shape of a prolate spheroid in the case of a football or a rugby ball.

Sports are often named after the ball used, such as American football, baseball, basketball and soccer, or the ball is named after the sport.

Flying discs[edit]

Flying discs are used for various games such as freestyle, disc golf and ultimate.


A soccer goal

In many games, goals are at each end of the playing field, there are two vertical posts (or uprights) supporting a horizontal crossbar. In some games, such as association football or hockey, the object is to pass the ball or puck between the posts below the crossbar, while in others, such as those based on Rugby, the ball must pass over the crossbar instead.


Nets are used for tennis, volleyball, football, basketball and badminton. A different type of net is used for various forms of fishing.


Racquets are used for racquet sports such as tennis, squash, and badminton.

Rods and tackle[edit]

Man seated at the side of the water surrounded by fishing rods and tackle.
An angler on the Kennet and Avon Canal, England, surrounded by his tackle

Fishing rods and fishing tackle are primarily used for fishing and sport fishing.

Sticks, bats and clubs[edit]

Sticks are used for sports such as hockey and lacrosse. Bats are used for sports such as baseball and cricket. Clubs are used mainly for golf (Golf club)

Wickets and bases[edit]

Wickets and bails are used in cricket, and bases are used in baseball.

Player equipment[edit]



Footwear for sports includes:

Protective equipment[edit]

Protective equipment is often worn for sports including motor sport and contact sports, such as ice hockey and American football or sports where there is a danger of injury through collision of players or other objects. Protective equipment includes:

Training equipment[edit]

Examples for training equipment include swiss balls, weights, chin-up bars, equipment for the gym. Also protective equipment such as weight lifting belts and bench shirts for weight training and powerlifting.



Vehicles (sometimes specialized) are used as equipment for some sports, including motor sport, cycling, aeronautics, sailing and hot air ballooning.

Small vehicles with flatbeds are often used to carry injured athletes off the field, most commonly in American football.

Various sports[edit]

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