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Mohamed Fakhry Elrawi Aboutaha (Arabic: د. محمد فخري الراوي ابوطه, June 22, 1935 – June 6, 2012) was an Egyptian Public Administration scholar and professor. He was a professor of public administration in International, Arab and Egyptian universities, Dr. Elrawy was heavily involved and passionate about Egyptian politics. His courage, braveness, and popularity crowned him as head of the Students' Union of Cairo University.[1][unreliable source?][dead link]

Family and personal life[edit]

Elrawi was born in Bahgoura, Quena, Egypt. He was one of five children of Fakhry Elrawi, he start Elrawi is married to Sabria Zaki, an early-childhood teacher. They have three children: a son, Waleed, who is a banker living in Cairo; Amr, who is marketing manager living in London; and a daughter, Mai, who is studying at the American University in Cairo.

Early career[edit]

Elrawi earned his secondary school education from Daud Takla, Bahgour school, then moved to Saadia High School in Giza. He was obsessed[citation needed] with politics since he was a child, hence his dream was to be a lawyer like Saad Zagloul and many other political figures at the time.[citation needed]

Elrawy earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Wisconsin State University in the USA in 1967, a master's degree in Political Science from Western Illinois University in the USA in 1969, and a PH.D. from Southern Illinois University in the USA in 1975.

His academic employment career began, in 1973, in Wisconsin University, EAU Claire, USA as Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Teaching Public Administration and State and Local Government (American Government). From 1975 to 1977, he was Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Al-Mustansiriya University in Iraq, teaching Organization Theory, Management Principles, and Personnel Administration.



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Public career[edit]

Academic career[edit]

1993-2010 Professor, American University in Cairo, Egypt, teaching the following courses at the MPA Program:[citation needed] - Faculty PERSONNEL & ENROLLMENT

  1. Theory and Practice of Public Administration.
  2. Public Personnel Administration.
  3. Administrative Environment and Public Policy in Egypt.
  4. Problems of Development Administration.
  5. Comparative Administration.
  6. Local Government and Development

1995-1998, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Commerce (English Section). Teaching Public Administration. 1986-1987, Visiting Professor, Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Administration and Economics, University of Qatar. Teaching Public Administration. 1980-1987, (Part Time) Professor, Department of Economics and Political Science, [1]. Teaching Administrative Development. 1987-1989, Visiting Professor, Faculty of Economics and Political Science and Commerce, Cairo University, Graduate Studies. Teaching Local Administration, Public Administration and Comparative Local Government. 1986-1990, (Part Time) Project Analyst at Industry and Trade Consultant Company (ITCO). 1977-1978, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Al Basra University, Iraq. Teaching Public Administration & Research Methodology. 1975-1977, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Al Mustansriua University, Iraq. Teaching Organization Theory, Management Principles, and Personnel Administration. 1973-1974, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Wisconsin University, EAU Claire, USA. Teaching Public Administration and State and Local Government (American Government).

Profissional career[edit]

Elrawi contribution was not only to academia, he was also very active in practical and social experiences and activities.[citation needed]

  • 1989-1996, he was the Chairman of Board of Directors, for Data Care Company (Hardware, Software and Training Company).
  • 1985-1986, Member of UNICEF Central Steering Committee of Egypt, for UNICEF Activities in Rural Areas.
  • 1983-1985, Member of the Civil Service Development Committee, National Specialized Council (An Advisory Board for President of Arab Republic of Egypt).
  • 1982-1983, Member of the Study Team, Commissioned by the United Nations Dar El Handasah, Development Program (UNDP Project EGY 173/022), Undertake a Regional Development Planning Study for Region 8, Consultant on Local and Rural Institutions.
  • 1979–Present, Advisor to Head of Central Agency for Organization and Management with reference to Local Government Organization (Personnel Training and Development).
  • 1981-1982, Local Government Authority Examination of Public Policy and Delivery System with Regard to Education and Health Service in Rural Areas.
  • 1976-1977, Consultant to Ministry of Higher Education, Iraq. Concerned with Curriculum Development of Public Administration for Iraqi Universities.
  • 1975-1978, Participation in Training Programs, Institute of Administrative Development and Training, Government of Iraq.


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