Mohamed Pasha Jaff

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Mohamed Pasha Jaff

Mohamed Pasha Jaff, Kurdish king that was born in 1714, that was considered the supreme leader of the Jaff tribe. The Sherwana Castle was built by him.


Mohamed Pasha Jaff, prominent and beloved by his struggle to defend human rights. A great leader of the Kurdish history, who received the noble title of Pasha by the Ottoman Empire.

He was a peacemaker and successfully unified several clans in Kurdistan. He was born in the eighteenth century, and developed strong leadership among the Kurdish tribes and clans; one of the most powerful of his time during its peak extended its dominion to territory in southeastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

At 20 years old he settled in Sherwana Castle in Kalar region in Iraqi Kurdistan. His determination to protect Jaff tribes led several clashes in Iran and Turkey. The Jaff tribe still exists today, and has three million people. Man of strong convictions and great love for knowledge, sent various explorations to America.


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