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Professor Mohammad Modarres

Mohammad Modarres (born 1951) is an Iranian American scientist and educator in the fields of nuclear and reliability engineering. He is a Distinguished Scholar-Teacher and Nicole Y. Kim Eminent Professor of the University of Maryland. Within the University Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering, Modarres founded world's first graduate curriculum in reliability engineering,[1] which has now become a leading academic program both nationally and internationally with over 400 Master's and PhD graduates.[2] As the Director of the UMD Center for Risk and Reliability, Professor Modarres serves as international expert on reliability and risk analysis to various commercial and government organizations including US DOE, US NRC, NASA. A PhD graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from the scientific school of Norman C. Rasmussen, he has authored numerous books[3] and hundreds of scholarly papers[4] in the fields of nuclear an reliability engineering.

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