Mohinder (band)

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Origin Cupertino, California, United States
Genres Hardcore punk
Experimental rock
Years active 1993 – 1994
Labels Gravity Records
Unleaded Records
Gold Standard Laboratories

Mohinder was a four-piece post-hardcore[1] band from Cupertino, California. Despite their brief existence, they were considered an important feature of the California hardcore punk scene, and helped to define the musical genre now known as screamo.[2] Mohinder songs tended to be short in duration, and are often characterized as being extremely intense and chaotic. Formed in 1993, they released only three 7 inch EPs before breaking up in 1994, all of which have posthumously been compiled onto one CD. Members went on to such bands as Jenny Piccolo, Indian Summer, The Anasazi, Calm, Duster, A-Set, and Makara.[2]


  • To Satisfy 7" (Unleaded, 1994)
  • Mohinder / Nitwits Split 7" (Unleaded, 1994)
  • Mission 7" (Gravity Records, 1994)
  • Farmhouse Records Compilation (Farmhouse Records, 1995)
  • "How Lovely Nowhere Is" compilation (Nothing Everything, 1995)
  • Everything CD/LP (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2001)

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