Mombasa District

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Mombasa District
ProvinceCoast Province
 • Total294.6 km2 (113.7 sq mi)
 • Land229.6 km2 (88.6 sq mi)
 • Water65 km2 (25 sq mi)
 • Total523,183
 • Density2,278.6/km2 (5,902/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Mombasa District was one of the districts of Kenya. Its capital and the only town was Mombasa.

By 2009, Kenya was divided into eight provinces, which are subdivided into 71 districts. In Coast Province there are seven districts, Mombasa District being one of them. It is situated in the southeast of Coast Province. It is the smallest in size covering an area of 294.6 km² including 65 km² of inshore waters.[1] The district lies between latitudes 3°56’ and 4°10’ south of the equator and longitudes 39°34’ and 39°46’ east.

In 2013, as Mombasa District being in existence since the colonial period, the district qualified to be a county on its own.[2]

The district and the town are divided into four divisions namely:

The district had four constituencies:

Mombasa District lies within the coast lowland, which rises gradually from the sea level in the east to slightly over 76 m above sea level in the mainland west. The highest point is at Nguu Tatu hills in the mainland North that rises up to 100 m above sea level.


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