Mon Nationalism and Civil War in Burma

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Mon Nationalism and Civil War in Burma: The Golden Sheldrake
Author Ashley South
Country Great Britain
Language English
Subject Mon people/Politics of Burma
Genre Political
Publisher RoutledgeCurzon
Publication date
Media type Hardcover/paperback
Pages 288

Mon Nationalism and Civil War in Burma: The Golden Sheldrake, by Ashley South, is a history of the Mon people, an ethnic group found in Myanmar (previously known as Burma) and Thailand. Published in 2003, it covers their history from the pre-colonial era up to the time of writing, with an emphasis on the development of Mon nationalist movements in the 20th century.

South, an independent consultant and analyst, specializes in ethnic politics, displacement and humanitarian issues in Burma. Currently, his research on displacement in Burma is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

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