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Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc.
Industry Defensive weapons
Founded Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, United States (1958)
Headquarters Pittsfield, MA, USA
Products Tactical batons
Parent Safariland

Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc. is a weapons manufacturer providing equipment to law enforcement and private security companies. Monadnock is well known for several models of police baton they produce. The company is one of several subsidiaries under Safariland, LLC

Company products[edit]

Monadnock manufactures several types of police baton, including long polycarbonate riot sticks, side-handle nightsticks (the most famous being the PR-24), and both friction-locking and mechanically locking telescoping batons.

Monadnock's "AutoLock" line of batons are somewhat unique in the industry. Unlike the friction-lock type made by ASP, Inc. and other manufacturers, AutoLocks lock into their extended position via a ball-bearing mechanism. They can be deployed via inertia or simply pulled open with both hands. They are collapsed by pressing a button located in the pommel, rather than being struck on a hard surface.

Other services[edit]

In addition to creating products for public service and personal defense, Monadnock also offers certification programs for the personnel most likely to use them. The most well-known certification program is the Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (MDTS),[1] created by Lee Anderson of Louisiana. Since its initial founding, MDTS has evolved and therefore appears different from department to department or teacher to teacher. Originally, it was based upon aikido, since that art is most famous for restraining people with arm-locks and takedowns that use the opponent's own energy against him; this would be similar to the Japanese system of keijutsukai, which also has roots in aikido. Many police instructors, however, have modified the training of the original MDTS system so that it may be taught much like jujutsu or kickboxing. Most recent versions look much like Jeet Kune Do, with elements drawn from Tony Blauer's SPEAR System and MMA ground-fighting.

For officer-cadets that have completed academy training, a common curriculum to be certified in at least 3 areas associated with the Monadnock Defensive Tactics System and Monadnock products.[2] There are:

  • MDTS Empty-hand tactics
  • Monadnock Basic Side-handle baton (such as the PR-24)
  • Monadnock Expandable Baton (MEB) tactics

The complete official spectrum of information required of MDTS trainees includes:

  1. Empty-Hand Conflict & Control techniques
  2. Intermediate Weapons (such as PR-24, expandable batons, straight batons, etc.)
  3. Weapon Retention techniques (defending against the attempted grab of a firearm or baton by an offender)
  4. Search of Suspects (patting down subjects for potential weapons)
  5. Tactical Hand-cuffing (safely cuffing subjects without sacrificing advantage)


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