Monaghan County Museum

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Monaghan County Museum
Músaem Chontae Mhuineacháin
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Monaghan County Museum is located in Ireland
Monaghan County Museum
Location within Ireland
Location1-2 Hill Street, Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ireland
Coordinates54°14′52″N 6°58′21″W / 54.24784°N 6.97252°W / 54.24784; -6.97252Coordinates: 54°14′52″N 6°58′21″W / 54.24784°N 6.97252°W / 54.24784; -6.97252
TypeCounty museum
CuratorLiam Bradley

Monaghan County Museum (Irish: Músaem Chontae Mhuineacháin) is a museum which documents the history of County Monaghan.


First opened in 1974, it was the first full-time, professionally staffed, and local authority funded Irish local museum.[1] The Museum was housed in the Courthouse in the centre of Monaghan town until a fire in 1981, which gutted the building. After rescuing the collections, the Museum was moved for a period to St Macartan's College. In 1990 the Museum reopened in the current premises of 1-2 Hill Street, which were originally two town houses dating from the 1860s, that were converted for the Museum's use. The Museum has won a number of awards over the years, including Council of Europe Museum Prize in 1980, and the Gulbenkian - Norwich Union Award for Best Collections Care in 1993.[2]


The collections of the Museum document the history of County Monaghan over the course of human history. The Museum also maintains a large collection of archival material, which include early estate records (rentals, maps and wages books) and local authority records.[2] There are a number of notable archaeological objects in the Museum, an example being the Lisdrumturk Cauldron, which was discovered in a bog in the county.[3]

Due to the Museum's accreditation from the Heritage Council, Museum Standards Programme for Ireland (MSPI), it is viewed as one of the most professionally run museums in Ireland.[1][4] The Museum is designated by the National Museum of Ireland to collect archaeological finds.[5]


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