Monastery of the Martyrs

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Monastery of the Martyrs or Monastery of Saint Ammonius
Monastery of the Martyrs is located in Egypt
Monastery of the Martyrs
Location within Egypt
Monastery information
Other namesDeir el-Shuhada or
Deir el Manawus
Dedicated toSaint Ammonius & 3,600 Martyrs of Esna
DioceseCoptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
Founder(s)Saint Ammonius
LocationEsna, Luxor
Country Egypt
Coordinates25°15′26″N 32°32′49″E / 25.257222°N 32.546944°E / 25.257222; 32.546944
Public accessYes

The Monastery of Saint Ammonius, also known as the Monastery of the Martyrs, is a Coptic Orthodox monastery near Esna.

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Coordinates: 25°15′26″N 32°32′49″E / 25.25722°N 32.54694°E / 25.25722; 32.54694