Monday Bazaar (Upal)

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Monday Bazaar in Upal, Xinjiang, China - Selling Under Large Tents

Monday Bazaar (Upal) (Chinese: 乌帕尔乡的周一巴扎) is held in Upal, Shufu County, Kashgar Prefecture, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. Being held in this village on Karakoram Highway, it is frequently visited not only by local people but also by the tourists on their way back from Karakul Lake, a popular sightseeing site in Kashgar.[1][2]

This simplistic, but colorful bazaar is held along the national highway, especially under the large tents in the back of the houses on the western side (the left side as you go back to Kashgar) of the highway. The animals market is located in the southernmost part of the market.[3]

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