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Money and Pensions Service
PredecessorMoney Advice Service, Pensions Advisory Service, Pension Wise
  • London
Area served
United Kingdom
ServicesDebt advice and support

The Money and Pensions Service (sometimes stylized as Money & Pensions Service) is an organisation whose statutory objective is to develop and co-ordinate a national strategy to improve people’s financial capabilities.[1][2] The service provides free money guidance and debt advice online and by telephone.

The organisation was set up by the UK Government and is paid for by a statutory levy on the financial services industry.[3] It is an arm’s-length body of the Department for Work and Pensions.[4][5]

The service's chair is Hector Sants.[6] As of 2019 the acting CEO is Caroline Siarkiewicz.[7]


The service was launched in January 2019, combining the Money Advice Service, The Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise to form a single guidance body.[8] The decision to merge the organisations into one body was originally announced in March 2016 by HM Treasury and confirmed in the Queen’s Speech of June 2017.[9][10]


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