Monica Swinn

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Monica Swinn
Monica Swinn.jpg
Monica Swinn (2013)
Born Monika Swuine
(1948-09-19) 19 September 1948 (age 68)
Charleroi, Belgium
Occupation Actress
Years active 1980–present

Monica Swinn, (born Monika Swuine; 19 September 1948) is a Belgian actress, best known for her roles in French and European soft pornographic films of the 1970s, particularly those of the sexploitation and horror film genre. She starred in many of Jesus Franco's films,[1] including Female Vampire (1973) as Princess de Rochefort[2] and Women Without Innocence (1978) which occasionally featured her in hardcore lesbian scenes with Lina Romay and another Franco regular, Alice Arno;[3] different versions of films such as the Female Vampire had to be produced because of their explicit scenes.[4] She tended to play characters with a sexual vulnerability, usually maids, prisoners or isolated aristocratic women. According to Swinn herself she was typecast, recalling after reading a typical Franco script: "I'd mull over the previous scenes and think to myself, "this can't be the same character"; "how many films am I really making"."[1]



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