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Montserrat is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, originally named after the Virgin of Montserrat, itself named after the mountain in Catalonia. In Catalan, the name means "serrated mountain".

Montserrat can also refer to:



  • Virgin of Montserrat, a "black Madonna" statue and object of pilgrimage, also patron saint of Catalonia



  • Montserrat d'Alcalà, a municipality in Valencia, Spain
  • Montserrat, an area of Bolton, Greater Manchester, a town in the United Kingdom, named for Montserrat Road


  • Given name:
  • Last name:
  • Antoni Montserrat, one of various Catalan and Mallorcan figures, including a football player, a lawyer, some economists and a 16th-century Jesuit
  • Marti Montserrat Guillemat (El Morell, 1906 - Barcelona, 1990), a Catalan musician
  • Andreu Montserrat (Codalet, s XVI - s XVII), a Catalan and Valencian priest and music theorist
  • Octavio Montserrat Chapa-Luna (Carlet, Ribera Alta, 1905 - Almeria, 1985), a Valencian musician, director and composer.