Monster of Udine

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Monster of Udine
Born Unknown
Other names Il Mostro di Udine
Victims 4 to 16
Date 1980-1989
Country Italy
State(s) Province of Udine
Date apprehended

The Monster of Udine (Italian: Mostro di Udine) was an unidentified serial killer who killed at least 4 victims in the Province of Udine, Italy between the years of 1971 and 1991.[1]


The official number of murders attributed to the Mostro di Udine is 4, although there may have been more (up to 16). The victims were found with a gaping incision in their abdomen cut and cleaned with extreme care, most likely with a scalpel or something similar. The incision of the cut was very close to that of a Cesarean, which convinced police that the killer was a doctor, but the police never had any real leads in the case.

This is a list of the four credited victims:

  • Maria Carla Bellone, killed in 1980;
  • Luana Giamporcaro, killed in 1983;
  • Aurelia Januschewitz, killed in 1985;
  • Marina Lepre, killed in 1989.


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