Monster of Udine

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Monster of Udine
Other namesIl Mostro di Udine
Victims4 to 16
State(s)Province of Udine
Date apprehended

The Monster of Udine (Italian: Mostro di Udine) was an unidentified serial killer who killed at least 4 victims in the Province of Udine in north-eastern Italy between the 1971 and 1991.[1]


The official number of murders attributed to the Mostro di Udine is 4, although there may have been more (up to 16). The victims were found with a gaping incision in their abdomen cut and cleaned with extreme care, most likely with a scalpel or something similar. The incision of the cut was very close to that of a Cesarean, which convinced police that the killer was a doctor.[2] However, the police have never had any real leads in the case.

The following four women are confirmed victims of the Monster of Udine:

  • Maria Carla Bellone, 19, sex worker, killed on 19 February 1980;
  • Luana Giamporcaro, 22, sex worker, killed on 24 January 1983;
  • Aurelia Januschewitz, 42, sex worker, killed on 3 March 1985;
  • Marina Lepre, 40, primary-school teacher, killed on 26 February 1989.

Investigators believe the following women may be victims of the Monster of Udine, but have been unable to confirm with absolute certainty:[3]

  • Irene Belletti, stabbed multiple times in various places on 21 September 1971;
  • Elsa Moruzzi, strangled in November 1972;
  • Eugenia Tilling, stabbed in the throat in December 1975;
  • Maria Luisa Bernardo, stabbed in various places on 21 September 1976; investigators believe they may be a connection between this murder and the murder of Irene Belletti;
  • Jaqueline Brechbullher stabbed in multiple places;
  • Wilma Ghin, body found burned at a landfill in March 1980; a young man from Apulia, in the far south of Italy nearly 1,000 km from Udine, was investigated for the crime but later cleared as a suspect;
  • Maria Bucovaz, strangled in May 1984;
  • Matilde Zanette, killed in September 1984;
  • Stojanka Joksimovic, strangled in December 1984;
  • Nicla Perabò, strangled in September 1991.


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