Monsters (collection)

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First edition
Author A. E. van Vogt
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Paperback Library
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 185 pp

Monsters is a collection of eight Science Fiction short stories written by A.E. van Vogt; during 1940 and 1950, and assembled by Forrest J. Ackerman in 1965. This compilation of short stories, describe unknown creatures that hanker for men's blood, and seek their destruction.

Short stories[edit]

  • Introduction by Forrest J. Ackerman.
  • 1-"Not Only Dead Men" : written in 1942.
  • 2-"Final Command" : written in 1949.
  • 3-"War of the Nerves": written in 1950.
  • 4-"Enchanted Village" : written in 1950.
  • 5-"Concealment" : written in 1943.
  • 6-"The Sea Thing" : written in 1940.
  • 7-"The Monster" : written in 1948.
  • 8-"Vault of the Beast" : written in 1940.


A.E van Vogt, Monsters, Publisher: Corgi, 1977, ASIN B000Z4H1V2.

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