Montanoa tomentosa

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Montanoa tomentosa
Montanoa tomentosa xanthiifolia kz4.jpg
Montanoa tomentosa var. xanthiifolia
Scientific classification
M. tomentosa
Binomial name
Montanoa tomentosa

Montanoa tomentosa is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family which is native to Mexico and much of Central America. Its local common name is zoapatle. This small yellow-flowered shrub is best known for its use in traditional herbal medicine.

Traditional medicine[edit]

In Mexico, there is a history of the use of M. tomentosa as a traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction. An extract of the leaves was also used to start uterine contractions to induce menstruation, abortion, and labor, and to slow postpartum bleeding.[1][2] The related species Montanoa frutescens has similar effects in rats, but is much more likely to have contraceptive effects by causing structural changes in the endometrium.[3]

At traditionally medicinally used amounts (75 mg/kg), M. tomentosa increased expression of sexual and mounting behavior in sexually active male rats and also in genitally anesthetized rats which were previously sexually inactive (noncopulators).[4]


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