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Monte Kaolino is a sand dune in Hirschau, Bavaria, Germany. It consists of 35,000,000 tonnes (34,000,000 long tons; 39,000,000 short tons) of sand, a by-product of kaolinite production over the years. The sand dune is now used as a ski resort in addition to other activities.

Sand-skiing and sandboarding[edit]

Monte Kaolino
Location Hirschau, Germany
Coordinates 49°32′3.95″N 11°58′0.70″E / 49.5344306°N 11.9668611°E / 49.5344306; 11.9668611Coordinates: 49°32′3.95″N 11°58′0.70″E / 49.5344306°N 11.9668611°E / 49.5344306; 11.9668611
Vertical 120 metres (394 ft)
Runs 3
Lift system 1 Funicular
Terrain parks Yes
Night skiing No
Website Monte Kaolino

By the 1950s the pile of sand had grown large enough that people experimented skiing on it and in 1956 a ski club was formed. Unique for this hill, skiing is done directly on the sand and as a result, its operating season is inverse with ski areas elsewhere - it only opens in summer, even though the area does snow in winter.

The hill is home to the Sandboarding World Championships.

Recent history[edit]

The area was extensively renovated in 2007. In addition to the ski hill, there is also camping facilities, pool, geopark, and trails.

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