Montreal River (Algoma–Sudbury, Ontario)

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Montreal River
Montreal River (Algoma).JPG
Mouth of the Montreal River at Lake Superior.
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Districts Algoma, Sudbury
Source Montreal Lake
 - location Island Lake, Sudbury District
 - elevation 447 m (1,467 ft)
 - coordinates 47°42′24″N 83°33′50″W / 47.70667°N 83.56389°W / 47.70667; -83.56389
 - location Montreal River Harbour, Algoma District
 - elevation 180 m (591 ft)
 - coordinates 47°14′20″N 84°38′45″W / 47.23889°N 84.64583°W / 47.23889; -84.64583Coordinates: 47°14′20″N 84°38′45″W / 47.23889°N 84.64583°W / 47.23889; -84.64583
Length 130 km (81 mi)
Location of the mouth of the Montreal River in Ontario.

The Montreal River is a river in Algoma and Sudbury Districts, Ontario, Canada. It is a tributary of Lake Superior.


The river begins at Montreal Lake at the community of Island Lake in northwest Sudbury District. It heads southwest, passes into Algoma District, reaches the 40-kilometre (25 mi) forebay lake above Montreal Falls, and then the settlement and railway station of Montreal Falls themselves on the Algoma Central Railway. It heads west, and passes under Ontario Highway 17 just before reaching its mouth at Lake Superior at the community of Montreal River Harbour.


There are four hydroelectric dams and generating stations on the Montreal River, all owned and operated by Brookfield Renewable Power. In upstream order, they are Andrews Generating Station (57.78 MW; head of 57.78 m or 189.6 ft; next to Highway 17);[1] Hogg Generating Station (17.4 MW; head of 24 m or 79 ft);[2] Gartshore Generating Station (23 MW; head of 35 m or 115 ft);[3] and MacKay Generating Station, at Montreal Falls (62 MW; head of 75.3 m or 247 ft).[4]


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