Moonlight in Havana

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Moonlight in Havana
Directed by Anthony Mann
Produced by Bernard W. Burton
Screenplay by Oscar Brodney
Starring Allan Jones
Jane Frazee
Marjorie Lord
Music by Charles Previn
Cinematography Charles Van Enger
Edited by Russell F. Schoengarth
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release date
  • October 8, 1942 (1942-10-08) (Los Angeles)
Running time
63 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Moonlight in Havana is a 1942 American film romantic comedy directed by Anthony Mann and featuring Allan Jones, Jane Frazee and Marjorie Lord. This was Mann's second film as director.[1] Choreography by Lester Horton.


Baseball star Johnny "Whizzer" Norton has been suspended by manager Eddie Daniels and the New York Blue Sox for his incorrigible behavior. When nightclub owner Barney Crane happens to hear Johnny singing, he offers him a job in the club where Gloria Jackson is currently the star performer.

Johnny's not interested until he hears Crane wants to take the whole troupe to Havana, Cuba to entertain. Knowing that the Blue Sox have training camp in Havana, he agrees to the trip, which includes a boat voyage where the singers entertain.

Complications begin in Cuba as soon as Gloria comes to suspect Johnny's real reason for being there, while Patsy Clark, daughter of Blue Sox owner Joe Clark, shows a romantic interest in Johnny. He is reinstated by the team and quits the stage act, but has a change of heart, returning to show business and to Gloria.



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