Moorfoot Building

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Moorfoot Building
Manpower Services Commission - Sheffield - - 356945.jpg
The building - still as Manpower Services Commission Building - in 2006
Moorfoot Building is located in South Yorkshire
Moorfoot Building
Location within South Yorkshire
General information
LocationSheffield, England
Coordinates53°22′27″N 1°28′32″W / 53.3742°N 1.4756°W / 53.3742; -1.4756 (Moorfoot Building)Coordinates: 53°22′27″N 1°28′32″W / 53.3742°N 1.4756°W / 53.3742; -1.4756 (Moorfoot Building)
OpeningJuly 1981
OwnerSheffield City Council
Technical details
Floor count11 in tallest wing
Floor area27,600m2 (297,000 sq ft)
Lifts/elevators6 from main reception area and 2 passenger / 1 goods in the North Wing
Grounds1.1 Hectares (2.7 Acres)

The Moorfoot Building is a large office building in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, in the form of a step pyramid. It is located at the foot of The Moor (a pedestrianised shopping street), close to the Sheffield Inner Ring Road. Before its construction, The Moor continued across St Mary's Gate onto London Road. The building opened in July 1981.[1]

The building is based around three wings; the East Wing, the West Wing & the North Wing, and floors were originally numbered in the US style with the ground floor as Floor 1 or First Floor. Amongst the facilities originally constructed in the building was a staff restaurant and bar on Floor 2 and a full sized squash court in the basement.

As the construction of the building across The Moor effectively severed the traditional access to The Moor from London Road, to satisfy planning conditions, Moorfoot was designed to allow pedestrian access 'through' the building. The pedestrian walkway began with an elevated ramp near the corner of Young Street and South Lane, before proceeding via a tunnel through the building (including a section with a glazed roof as the route crossed the base of an open area in the East Wing. The walkway exited the building above the car park and used sloping ramps to bring the route back to ground level on The Moor near the Entrance to the building. The route was dependent on the completion of a further planned development (where the Premier Inn hotel is currently located) and as this development did not take place, the route was never completed or opened to the public.

The building was previously known as the Manpower Services Commission Building and was the headquarters of that agency. It later contained offices belonging to several departments of the British Government, namely:

The building was purchased by Sheffield City Council in the late 2000s with the government departments as sitting tenants pending their relocation. In 2010 the British Government vacated the property, and were replaced by the council's Children, Young Peoples and Families Directorate and Central Finance Service.

It was planned that the building would eventually be demolished and the site form part of a new business district.

However, in the summer of 2011, many departments from Sheffield Town Hall moved into the Moorfoot Building. In January 2013 Henry Boot Construction announced the award of a contract to refurbish a large part of the building for Sheffield City Council. The multimillion-pound project was to deliver vital services upgrades and a refurbishment to the majority of the building in order to provide office space for SCC employees.