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Morag Shepherd is a Scottish playwright and screenwriter.

Shepherd grew up in rural Scotland and England before studying playwriting at Brigham Young University, where she wrote her Master's thesis on Edward Albee and the American absurdist tradition.[1]

Shepherd's made her debut on film not long after with "Blue Door", directed by Sohrab Mirmont, nephew of Abbas Kiarostami.[2][3]

Shepherd's full-length play "Poppy's in the Sand" opened to critical acclaim.[4] It was featured at both the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival and the San Diego International Fringe Festival.[5]

In 2015, Shepherd was recognized for experimenting in the theatrical form. Sackerson, a Salt Lake City-based theater company staged Shepherd's play "Before the Beep". The play was performed entirely by voice messages, allowing audiences to phone in to listen to daily scenes over 30 days.[6]

Shepherd won the 2016 AML award for drama for her play "Burn".

Shepherd won the Plan-B Theatre grant from the David Ross Fetzer Foundation for her play "Not One Drop", which debuted at Plan-B in March 2017.[7] One critic called Shepherd's writing "clever, pithy, and poetic."[8]

Shepherd is currently the resident playwright at Sackerson.[7]


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