Morgantown Generating Station

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Morgantown Generating Station
CountryUnited States
LocationNewburg, Maryland
Coordinates38°21′33″N 76°58′36″W / 38.35917°N 76.97667°W / 38.35917; -76.97667Coordinates: 38°21′33″N 76°58′36″W / 38.35917°N 76.97667°W / 38.35917; -76.97667
Commission date1970
Owner(s)NRG Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Secondary fuelFuel oil
Power generation
Units operational2 × 624 MW (base load units )
4 × 65 MW (peaking units)
2 x 18 MW (peaking units)
Make and modelGeneral Electric
Nameplate capacity1,477 MW

The Morgantown Generating Station is a 1,477 MW electric generating plant owned by NRG Energy, located in the unincorporated town of Newburg, Maryland, near Morgantown, on the Potomac River. The station was built in 1970.[1]

Plant description[edit]

The facility consists of two base loaded 624 MW coal-fired steam generating units, four 65 MW oil-fired peaking combustion units, and two 18 MW black start peaking turbines. The two coal-fired units are base-loaded supercritical steam units which went into operation in 1970 and 1971.[2] The four peaking units are General Electric Frame 7 units which went into operation in 1973, while the two black start peaking units are General Electric Frame 5 units which went into operation in 1970 and 1971.[3]

Coal is delivered to the Morgantown generating station by CSX Transportation train using the Pope's Creek Subdivision rail line. Construction of a coal barge unloading pier on the Potomac River began in 2007.


All of the generating plants at the Morgantown Generating Station were built by the Potomac Electric Power Company, which sold them to the Southern Company in December 2000 as a result of the restructuring of the electricity generating industry in Maryland. The station was included in the Mirant spin-off in April 2001. Mirant was merged into GenOn Energy in 2010,[4] and GenOn merged into NRG in 2012.[5]


The Morgantown Generating Station is dispatched by the PJM Interconnection regional transmission organization.[1]

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