Morgenthaler (name)

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Language(s)Swiss German or German
Meaning"Person from the Morning Valley"
Region of originSwitzerland or Germany
Other names
Variant form(s)Murgenthaler, Mergenthaler, Morgentaler
Painting by W. Gorgé

Morgenthaler is a family name (or surname) from German speaking Europe.


The name Morgenthaler means person from the morning valley. It developed from the description of a person coming from a place called Morning Valley; in ancient German orthography Morgen Thal. The final syllable (or suffix) -er signifies geographical origin of a person (as in English New Yorker). The distribution of the name in Europe and around the world [1] leads to the conclusion of most probable origins of the name in Switzerland or in southern Germany.


Mainly in Switzerland (with an amassment in two Cantons of Switzerland: Bern and Aargau) and in Germany (with an amassment along the southern Rhine valley). By immigration also in Austria, France, the United States and other countries.

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