Morning Star (ship)

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Morning Star was a ship wrecked near Quoin Island, Queensland 12.4305ºS, 143.421667ºE in 1814.

Morning Star was a brig of 140 tons constructed in Calcutta, India and registered there to the owners Lackersteen & Co. On 2 or 3 July 1814, whilst on its way from Sydney to Batavia was totally wrecked in the Torres Strait. On 30 September 1814 as the ship Eliza was passing Booby Island a white flag was spotted flying on the island. A boat was sent to investigate and found five crew from Morning Star. They stated that on 25 September the master, Robert Smart, with nine other crew left the Island for Timor in the longboat. There is no record of their arrival in Timor. Excluding the party with Smart and the five rescued by Eliza, it appears that twenty-two crew drowned in the wreck of Morning Star.[1]


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