Morris Abrams

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Morris Abrams
Born 1908
Died 1981
Nationality American
Known for Arrow Fastener Co., Inc.

Morris Abrams (1908–1981) was the founder of Arrow Fastener Co., Inc., a manufacturer of fastening tools that since 1999 has been a subsidiary of Masco Corporation.


Abrams was the first generation of his family to be born in the United States.[citation needed]

Arrow brand staple gun.

In 1929,[1] Morris Abrams founded Arrow. At first he sold staples for staplers currently on the market,[citation needed] but by 1940 he had received his first stapler patent,[2] and by 1943 was assigning his patents to Arrow Fastener,[3] a process he continued into the 1950s as he patented the hammer tacker[4] and the staple gun.[5] One model of his staple gun, the T50, was introduced in the early 1950s,[6] became a registered trademark of the company in 1989,[6] and by 1994 had resulted in over 40 million sales.[6] It continues to be in production into the 21st century.[7]

In the 1960s after Morris Abrams became ill, his son Allan Abrams took over the family business which continued to grow and now also includes glue guns, rivet tools, and brad nailers.[7] Morris died in 1981.[1]

In September 1999, Arrow was one of five home improvement companies purchased by Masco Corporation.[8]


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