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Morris Belzberg (born September 25, 1929) is a Canadian born businessman, who has lived in the United States since approximately 1966. He is the former owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League. He won the Stanley Cup with the team in 1992.


Belzberg was the Chairman of Budget Rent A Car Corp from approximately 1968 to 1989. In 1965, he became Budget's first franchisee in Canada, before joining Budget's Canadian operation.[1] In 1969, he moved to Chicago.[1]

After leaving Budget in 1989, Belzberg acquired a piece of the Minnesota North Stars. In 1991, he acquired 50 percent of the Pittsburgh Penguins.[1][2] He sold his interest in the Penguins in 1997.[1]


Belzberg has had a winter home in Palm Springs, California.[1]

Belzberg's wife, Cynthia Belzberg, died on December 31, 2004.[3]


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